Capture the Soul of Winter in Lofoten Islands

An unforgettable journey limited to a small group to the edge of the world to discover fairytale landscapes to capture the most beautiful atmospheres of the Arctic winter, staying six nights in a typical Norwegian Rorbu with all the comforts.

The Workshops in pills

  • Dates: 5 -11 February 2023

  • Duration: 7 Days (6 nights)

  • Group size: only 6!

  • Location: Lofoten Islands (Norway)

  • Experience required: all levels

  • Price:  3.600€ 3.300€ (30% deposit on subscription)

This trip will take you to the heart of the Lofoten Islands in the Arctic winter, where we will have the chance to shoot sunrises and sunsets in surreal landscapes and during the night we will hunt the northern lights.

NOTE: This Workshop will be run under Covid19 mitigation policies. Please refer to “Essential Information” section of this page

lofoten photography workshop 2021 francesco gola

Workshop Schedule

We will meet at Leknes Airport (LKN) on the afternoon of Sunday the 5th of February. From there we will head immediately to our exclusive accommodation in the heart of Lofoten with our comfortable cars that will bring us into our frozen paradise on earth.

From arrival to the day of departure, we will chase the light of sunrises and sunsets on the most photogenic locations and beaches of the Lofoten Islands, like Haukland, Unstad, Vareid, Uttakleiv..and much more! During the night, we will hunt the Northern Light according to the weather forecasts.

Between the shooting sessions on field, theory, post-production and relax in great company!

best lofoten workhsop photography 2021
Francesco Gola Reine Lofoten Norway Long Exposure Seascape

Every day we’ll define the best shooting location according to the weather and you’ll be an active part of this planning process in order to let you develop not only your photographic skills but also location management, an essential skill for a landscape photographer.

The small size of the group will let you have the possibility to discuss during your shooting with the teachers at every moment in order to maximize the learning experience.

The last day on the field is Saturday the 11th morning. For this reason, the return flight should be planned not earlier than the afternoon of the 11th from Leknes Airport (LKN). We will help you in planning your journey.

Workshop Topics

  • Scouting and Planning

  • Photographic equipment

  • Composition

  • Exposure using histogram

  • Use of Filters

  • Advanced Long Exposure techniques

  • Post Production

Workshop Location

Your Teachers

Francesco Gola

Nikon School Master and Brand Ambassador for NiSi, BenQ, f-stop Gear, DxO and X-Calibrite, he lives and works in Milan where he collaborates with companies, sites and magazines for the diffusion of photographic culture in Italy and in the world.

Ambassador for NiSi, his works have been published by The Times, Digital Photographer Magazine, Traveler, NPhoto, Digital Photo and many others

Francesco Gola Long Exposure Seascape Photography Europe Norway Lofoten Islands Warm Sunrise Arctic Sunrise

The Class include

  • Professional Tuition of two Professional Photographers

  • Accommodation in an exclusive Rorbu in front of the sea

  • Workshop eBook

  • Transportation and tolls

  • Photographic and logistic planning

  • All tickets & entrance fees

  • Fun 🙂

The Class does not include

  • Your trip to and from Lofoten

  • Food and beverages

  • Travel and Medical Insurance

  • Weather control 😉

  • Everything not mentioned in “The Class includes”

What are you waiting for? Join me!

Use this form to request information or to join the Workshop. The compilation of this form is NOT binding on the purchase of any workshop and does not involve the purchase of any service.

Essential information

Covid19 is something we can’t ignore. For this reason, for this workshop, we’re going to implement all the actions to minimize any risk of possible contagion.

However, something out of our control may happen, like government local restrictions or complete lockdowns. That’s why for this workshop we’re going to apply special refund policies in order to minimize your risk and potential economical loss.

Right now, we can expect 4 Covid19 scenarios:

  1. No Covid19 impact
  2. Government restrictions in Norway (Lofoten)
  3. Government lockdown in your country
  4. Government lockdown in Italy (our country)

Scenario 1: No Covid19 impact

This is the expected case. In case of your cancelation not due to Covid19, standard cancellation policies apply (please refer to “Cancellation Policies” section).

Scenario 2: Government restrictions in Norway (Lofoten)

If Government restrictions will be set in the destination country (like complete lockdown or 14 days quarantine after arrival), we have to cancel the workshop. 

If this happens before you paid the final balance, you will be refunded with your deposit minus the quota of the fixed expenses that we can’t get back (example: car rental, hotel). Evidence of this will be given. 

If this happens after you paid the final balance, you will be refunded with the full amount of the workshop (deposit + balance) minus the quota of the fixed expenses that we can’t get back (example: car rental, hotel). Evidence of this will be given.

However, in the case of a country lockdown, we expect we can get a full refund, so you too.

Full Vaccination/Green Pass requirement from Norway is considered a “No Covin19 impact” scenario.

Scenario 3: Government lockdown in your country

In this case, the workshop will be confirmed, but we will do everything we can to let you get your money back.

If the lockdown happens before you paid the final balance, you will be refunded with your deposit minus the quota of the fixed expenses that we can’t get back (example: car rental, hotel). Evidence of this will be given. 

If this happens after you paid the final balance, you will be refunded with the full amount of the workshop (deposit + balance) minus the quota of the fixed expenses that we can’t get back (example: car rental, hotel). Evidence of this will be given.

Full Vaccination/Green Pass requirement from your country to travel is considered a “No Covin19 impact” scenario.

Scenario 4: Government lockdown in Italy (our country)

In this case, you can travel to Lofoten but your tutors can’t. For this reason, the workshop will be canceled.

If this happens you will get a full refund of what you paid to us for this workshop.

For this any other scenario, we strongly suggest you take into consideration the subscription of a Travel Insurance.

The accommodation is included in a double room in single-use as per Covid19 mitigation policies in an exclusive Rorbu surrounded by nature and in front of the sea. This will let us not only to be in the real heart of Lofoten for all our shooting activities, but it will let us enjoy our relaxing time surrounded by traditions and charm. Look at the pictures above to have an idea!

No particular physical preparation is required as no hiking is involved, but if you have any limitation or doubt just ask so we can explain you better every detail!

This Workshop is suitable for both beginners and experienced photographers. It is suggested a good knowledge of the camera and the basics relating to the use of shutter speeds and apertures. Post-production is done through simple development software such as Adobe Lightroom or DxO PhotoLab

The Workshop is deliberately planned in a season with a significant meteorological instability to have a greater possibility of having interesting light conditions. Unfortunately we can not control the weather, but we can adapt to it.

Don’t forget you’re in the Arctic Circle and here Mother Nature is always the one in charge.

In February we expect to have the typical winter conditions with snow, but every day will be different and in every day we may experience different situations in just minutes: clouds, snow, rain, wind, clear skyes, strorms..It’s even possible that sometime the conditions will not allow us to go out shooting: don’t worry, we can enjoy our wonderful accomodation while having post production (and cooking!) sessions 🙂

Northern Light is for sure in our plans and expected! That’s why we set the workshop when nights are quite long and ideal moon conditions 😉

Unfortunately, Northern Lights cannot be guaranteed as they depend on many factors that involve weather and solar activity. We will daily monitor the situation to bring you on the field when the chances to see it are higher.

The following equipment is suggested:

  • Digital SLR camera
  • Wide-angle lens
  • Tripod
  • Remote shutter
  • Photographic filters

Thanks to our sponsors we will be able to provide photographic filters to be used during the workshop. As you may be not the only one interested on that, let us know well in advance. For any questions, do not hesitate to contact us via email!

Unfortunately, no. Due to the nature of this adventure, to the locations that we’ll visit and to the very limited space, in this workshop we can welcome only photographers.

Meeting point will be the Leknes Airport (LKN) in order to let you decide to arrive directly in the heart of action or to enjoy a side trip before and after the workshop.

Leknes Airpot (LKN) can be reached by direct flights operated by Widerøe from Bodø and Tromsø.

As alternative, you can land in the Narvik/Harstad Ariprot (EVE) and from there you can enjoy a panoramic drive to Leknes (approximately 3.5 hours)

As the flights are not included, you should proceed with booking them on your own according the solution you prefer. In any case, we’ll provide full support on this so please provide us with your flight’s details before booking in order to doublecheck everything is ok 🙂

In order to confirm the reservation, a deposit of the 30% is required. The balance is required no later than 1 December 2022.

I really hope you’ll not change idea or something happens, but in any case here the rules in case you’ll decide to cancel (so according to “Scenario 1” of Covid19 Mitigation Policies):

  • Within 90 days from the date of the Workshop: you’ll lose just the deposit
  • Within 60 days from the date of the workshop: penalty of 50% of the course fee
  • Within 30 days from the date of the Workshop: penalty of 75% of the course fee
  • From 29 days to the date of the Workshop: 100% penalty of the course fee

Due to the nature of this adventure the deposit is not refundable as used for reserving essential services like transports and accommodation. (Exceptions are made for Covid19 Mitigation Policies. Please refer to the specific section for more details)

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