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If you are landscape photographers and like me you love to shoot even in adverse weather conditions or simply in the autumn and winter, you will have probably realized that the protection of your hands is certainly not something secondary.

In fact, not having adequate thermal protection with at the same time easy finger movements can compromise your shooting session.

For this reason, The Heat Company produces and distributes several sets of gloves that are particularly suitable for us photographers.

In the past I’ve already had the opportunity to talk about some of the solutions proposed, and today we see together the innovations introduced by the newcomer: The new Durable Liner Pro

NOTE: I had the pleasure to extensively test these gloves way before the release contributing to shaping the final product. For these reason, some images can show pre-prduction gloves with slightly differences from the final release. Of course, the final release implements all the improvements, so they will be even better 🙂

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The Liner layer

If you remember well, the Liner series represents the solution proposed by The Heat Company as first layer of skin protection on which you can then add additional layers. This means that they are always almost-thin gloves that protect you against weather but at the same time they ensure agility in movements, essential for handling our camera.

For this reason and to meet the different needs of photographers, The Heat Company produces a multitude of Liners that are characterized by different levels of thermal insulation and materials. Among them, without a doubt and as we have seen in the past HERE, the Durable Liners are often my preferred solution for my kind of photographic trips.

Could The Heat Company have further improved this product with the new Durable Liner Pro? Let’s go and find out together.

The new Durable Liner Pro

The new Durable Liner Pro gloves are designed for situations where temperatures are not too low and where the presence of wind can become annoying.

Like their predecessor, the palms are made of sheepskin and this ensures a unique softness and protection especially in the wind.

The material used for the back has been modified, making it suitable for lower temperatures: this is the main new features of these gloves.

There are always the finishes on the fingers that allow the use of touch devices and there is always a pocket on the back where to insert an hand warmer if needed. (in pre-production model, only in one finger; on the final release, on three fingers!)

As in the previous model, the knitted cuff protects against the infiltration of air and warms the wrist at the same time.


The new Durable Liner Pro is a formidable glove if you are looking for wind protection at typical late autumn temperatures.

If I recommend the Durable Liner for spring climates between about 8°C and 15°C, the new Durable Liner Pro moves my comfort range downwards between 3°C and 10°C.

For this reason, I believe that for landscape photographers like myself who love the stormy coastline between Brittany and Scotland in autumn and at the end of the winter season, the Durable Liner Pro is a must-have accessory in their backpacks.