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For me (and I am sure for many other photographers) printing is a meditative and relaxing process that allows me to give back to my images that three-dimensionality experienced in the field and that is lost on our screens.

For this reason, I believe that it is increasingly essential for paper manufacturers to pay attention to details and accessories dedicated to us so that we can fully experience this satisfying moment.

In perfect line with this idea, Hahnemühle presents the new Portfolio Box.

BenQ SW321C Recensione

Hahnemühle Portfolio Box

The new Hahnemühle Portfolio Box is a true treasure trove of wonders for print lovers as it is designed to give us everything we need to preserve, protect and present our photographic work.

The Hahnemühle Portfolio Box in fact contains:

  • 50 sheets of Hahnemühle paper in A3+ format.
  • 50 separation sheets
  • 3 Certificates of Authenticity with adhesive holograms
  • 1 pair of Hahnemühle gloves

The Hahnemühle Portfolio Box is available in 4 versions, depending on the paper included. The box is available with:

  • FineArt PhotoRag Metallic
  • Natural Line Hemp
  • Natural Line Bamboo
  • Natural Line Agave

Using the Hahnemühle Portfolio Box

Hahnemühle’s attention to detail in making this box certainly lives up to the quality of the paper that Hahnemühle has always offered.

The 50 printable sheets are enclosed in a neutral side-opening plastic casing, making it very easy to remove each sheet without the risk of damaging or folding it.

Likewise, we have the separation sheets which we will use to separate each print once it has been placed in the box, both to better protect the print itself and to make the presentation of our Portfolio Box even more professional.

Since this kind of paper must be handled with care as always, Hahnemühle has also fitted a pair of gloves that will allow us to handle each sheet safely.

Finally, there are three Certificates of Authenticity in case we want to address some of our prints for sale: by applying the numbered holograms both on the certificate and on the print itself and then registering the serial number of the hologram on the appropriate Hahnemühle portal, we can offer our customers an authenticated, limited edition print.

My choice: Natural Line Hemp

Among all the Hahnemühle Portfolio Boxes, I have chosen the one that includes the Hemp paper from the new Hahnemühle Natural Line.

There are several reasons for my choice, but the first one is that the Hahnemühle’s Natural Line was developed with special regard for Nature. In fact, this line of papers is made with raw materials such as Bamboo, Hemp and Agave. These plants require minimal maintenance, do not require much water, grow quickly and do not require pesticides.

Among all the options available, I chose the Hemp that is made with 60% hemp fiber and 40% cotton, because it has a really fantastic white point for me, low texture and an incredible depth of blacks for a matt paper.

The ICC profile of the paper is as always available for download along with simple installation instructions on the Hahnemühle website.

If you are in doubt about which paper to choose, for a Portfolio Box or more generally for the paper to be used, I remind you that Hahnemühle also provides practical Sample Packs with which you can experiment with different types of paper.


The Hahnemühle Portfolio Box is truly a complete quality product for presenting our work or simply for having elegant storage. The wide choice of papers you can choose from will surely satisfy everyone’s taste, ranging from more pronounced textures to more delicate ones with different white points.

I’m really happy to have printed my entire portfolio on the Hahnemühle Portfolio Box with Hemp paper, and I’m sure that as soon as you have your work printed and well presented in your hands you will be enthusiastic too.

BenQ SW321C Recensione