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It is undeniable that in recent years, thanks to the pandemic as well as advances in technology and connection speeds, we have begun to use our computers not only to send emails or to share static images but also to interact through video functions that have allowed us to work as remotely as in the office and expand our creativity and knowledge through live events and webinars. In response to this growing market, BenQ has released the new IdeaCam S1 Pro webcam. Let’s go and see what it is all about!

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The BenQ IdeaCam S1 Pro

The BenQ IdeaCam S1 Pro is a high-quality webcam offering a wide range of advanced features designed to meet the most demanding users’ needs. With a Sony-made sensor of an impressive 8MP and a resolution up to 3264 x 2448 @ 30 fps in 4:3 aspect ratio, the IdeaCam S1 Pro promises to deliver exceptional image quality, with brilliant colours and sharp details, perfect for video conferencing, streaming and video recording.

As we will see, one of the strengths of the IdeaCam S1 Pro is its versatility, with advanced features that make it ideal for multiple uses, both professional and everyday use.

Holder NiSi V7 True Color 100mm

BenQ IdeaCam S1 Pro Design

An interesting feature of the IdeaCam S1 Pro that we notice as soon as we open the packaging is its elegant and modern design. The webcam is made of high-quality anodised aluminium, giving it a sleek and durable appearance. The IdeaCam S1 Pro is also straightforward to use, with a plug-and-play installation that takes only seconds to perform.

The BenQ IdeaCam S1 Pro is designed to work in a variety of modes, in addition to the classic use by installing it through the base (in which there is also a threaded hole for tripod installation) simply over our monitor.

Through the Hand-Held mode, it is possible to remove the webcam from its magnetic housing in order to use it by hand and frame the details we prefer, while with the Desk-View mode we can orient the webcam on our desk. Thanks to the integrated sensor, the image is automatically flipped so the scene can be seen correctly.

A small magnetically applied magnifier is also included in the package. Applied to the front of the webcam, we can make really detailed enlargements should the need arise.

Holder NiSi V7 True Color 100mm

Other Features of the BenQ IdeaCam S1 Pro

The BenQ IdeaCam S1 Pro comes with a set of features that make it ideal for professional use. For example, the webcam offers HDR technology for greater sharpness, better colour reproduction, and automatic lighting correction to ensure the image is always well-lit. In addition, the webcam has a 6-element glass lens, which offers a sharper and more detailed image than the plastic lenses used by many other webcams.

The IdeaCam S1 Pro is also equipped with a dual-beam microphone that offers crystal-clear audio quality. The microphone has a range of 3 metres and features ambient noise cancellation technology, which ensures that our voice is clear and audible even in noisy environments. Of course, the webcam is compatible with the main video conferencing software, such as Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams and many others.

Holder NiSi V7 True Color 100mm

The Enspire application

BenQ provides both Mac and Windows users with the free Enspire application.

Using Enspire we can access advanced webcam features such as:

  • Enlarge and reduce the image
  • Rotate and flip the image
  • Take measurements in macro mode
  • Record videos and take photos
  • Scanning documents
  • Read QR codes
  • Switch autofocus on/off
  • Muting/unmuting the microphone
  • Freeze camera image
  • Draw on the image and save the drawings. 

And much more

Thanks to Enspire, we can take advantage of one of the accessories included in the package: the Enspire Control Puck. This wireless control device allows us to control the various Enspire functions described above even more easily.

Interesting is the possibility of using Enspire and its advanced functions within any Zoom, Meets or Teams meeting. To do this, we simply disable the webcam within the video conference application and then share the Enspire application instead!

Holder NiSi V7 True Color 100mm

My experience with the BenQ IdeaCam S1 Pro webcam

After intensive use I can without a doubt say that the BenQ IdeaCam S1 Pro is the best webcam I have ever used, both in terms of optical quality and because it fits perfectly into my professional workflow.

In regular use in video conferencing, the images are always crystal clear and even in low light conditions. The microphone allows other participants to hear us without any problems or background noise thanks to the automatic noise cancellation.

For more advanced tasks such as recording video courses or conducting online webinars, using the Hand-Held mode to quickly focus the frame where I want it is a real plus. 

Thanks to the Desk-View mode, I can stream or record an analysis of printed images with absolute ease. This is a very interesting aspect, especially for my teaching activities.

Finally, the integrated magnetic magnifier allows me to carry out quality analysis of my printed images, again making the teaching experience with my customers truly unique.


The BenQ IdeaCam S1 Pro is a high-quality webcam that offers a wide range of advanced features to meet the needs of professionals and casual users alike. 

With a very clean design, it integrates perfectly into my work environment, and with its advanced features such as Desk-View mode and magnetic magnifier, I can turn my teaching activities into truly unique experiences for my clients.

The BenQ IdeaCam S1 Pro offers exceptional image quality even in low light, along with crystal-clear audio that also makes it perfect for those simply interested in a quality webcam for their online meetings. 

All in all, this BenQ IdeaCam S1 webcam really convinces me, and I’m sure you can convince yourself of its quality in my next online activities!