Lighthouses of Brittany - Francesco Gola Photography

Lighthouses of Brittany

a photo tour in Brittany (France) with Francesco Gola and Alessio Andreani

6th – 10th October 2017

France, land of history, food, wine...and lighthouses! This workshop will brings you in the heart of Brittany, to discover the most beautiful lighthouses of Finistère.

Do you like waking up late in the morning and spending all the day in shopping? This trip is not for you.

We'll wake up before dawn and go to bed at late night, because we are light hunters! We'll talk about technique, composition and post’ll find out how to get the most from your photography and enjoy this amazing hobby or profession! We’ll bring you at Phare du Petit Minou, Phare de Kermorvan, Pointe Saint-Mathieu, and others according to the weather condition.

Are you ready to join two international photographers and other photo enthusiasts like you for a stunning photographic adventure?


- 6th October: meeting at Brest airport and transfer to the hotel. Briefing and tuition start.

- 7th to 9th: Chasing the light at sunrises and sunsets in the most beautiful lighthouses of Finistère. Between sunrise and sunset, theory, post-production and relax in great company!

- 10th October: All good things (must) come to an end, flight back and start planning the next photo tour!

What we’ll talk about:

- Advanced photographic planning

- Theory and techniques for Landscape Photography

- Composition of Seascape Photographs

- Advanced Long exposure techniques 

- Post-production (Lightroom, Photoshop, plug-ins, etc)

Useful information:

- The trip will take place from 6 to 10 October 2017

- The price of the workshop is set to 1.200€

- A 30% deposit is request to confirm the partecipation

- The remain must be paid 30 days before the Trip (before 6th September)

- Accommodation in shared twin room

- The course is suitable for English and/or Italian speakers

What’s Included:

- Tuition of two international Landscape Photographers

- 4 nights accommodation (check-in 6th, check-out 10th October 2017)

- All tickets & entrance fees

- Photographic and logistic planning

- Transportation during Photo Tour

- Last day “Brittany Photo Tour Dinner” is on us!

- Fun! :)

What’s NOT Included:

- Airfare to and from Brest

- Meals and drinks (except last dinner offered by us!)

- International Medical & Travel Insurance Coverage

Curious about our amazing accommodation?

Behind the scenes - Brittany (The Lighthouse Keepers)

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