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Manfrotto XPRO Ball Head Review

You know, I hate ball heads...

The HEAT Company "HEAT3 Layer System" Gloves Review

Looking for new gloves for your photographic adventures? It may be worth a read..

NiSi Filters V5-PRO Review

Time to share my thoughts on the brand new NiSi Filters V5-PRO holder!

Review of Terrascape filter bags

If you're looking for a bag for your filters, you're probably in the right place..

NiSi Landscape Polariser review

Let's test on field the new NiSi Landscape Polariser!

Saal Digital photobook review

Have you ever thought about printing a photobook? It might be worth a read!

Interview with Hahnemühle

An interview with the world best paper manufacturing company makes definitely your day! Hosted by Hahnemühle

Rollei "Rock Solid" tripod series review

Time for a tripod upgrade? 

PhotoPills Review

The Photographer’s Swiss Army Knife! Hosted by Digital Photography School

Rollei Compact Traveler No.1  review

Are you looking for a lightweight and space-saving tripod?  It might be worth a read!

Testing NiSi filters

After a couple of months of fun it’s time to share my thoughts on NiSi Filters!

Filters for Landscape Photography

Everything you need to know about filters for Landscape Photography. Hosted by 500px

Step-by-step guide to Long Exposure

Your long exposure shot is just 9 step from you! Hosted by Digital Photography School

Long Exposure tips

Shoot stunning seascape with these Long Exposure tips! Hosted by 500px

Improve your composition

Tips for better composition of Seascape photographs. Hosted by Digital Photography School

A day in life..

A day in the life of a Seascape Photographer. Hosted by 500px

10 common mistakes

10 common mistakes in Long Exposure photography. Hosted by Digital Photography School

Check your backpack!

Equipment tips for Landscape photography. Hosted by Digital Photography School

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